The Gameplay
Risk Engine

We Solve Bonus Abuse

What we do

We automate the identification of bonus abuse in real time at the earliest opportunity.

We utilise theoretical value modelling and behavioural analysis to remove the bias of traditional metrics and quantify the risk of each individual player.

We allow you to segment based on risk to improve operational and marketing efficiency, whilst providing an opportunity to remove restrictive terms and liberate restricted content.

What is bonus abuse
and why is it a problem?

Bonus Abuse is an umbrella term used to describe various profitable strategies that a player can use to optimise the value of promotional offers across both casino and sports platforms.

Current gameplay risk measures aren’t looking at the gameplay behaviours associated with each form of abuse and so the perpetrators often evade detection and continue to profit from operators over long periods of time.

Move away from the mentality that bonus abuse is an unavoidable cost of doing business, and explore how every form of bonus abuse, from exploitable slots abuse to advantage play, from cash stashing to bonus manipulation, can all be effectively managed with Greco.

We have created the Gameplay Risk Engine

A real-time behavioural analysis platform, with purpose-built modules to identify all forms of bonus abuse.

Exploitable Slots

Every slot with in-game storage mechanics has a unique abuse profile.

Greco has solved it!

Casino Advantage Play

We’re busy building behavioural analysis to quantify the theoretical value of players and identify:

  • Play style optimisation
  • Consumption order abuse
  • Bonus engine logic abuse
  • Collusion

Coming soon

Sport Advantage Play

We’re busy building behavioural analysis to quantify the theoretical value of players and identify:

  • Play style optimisation
  • Matched betting
  • Arbitrage betting

Coming soon

Knowledge Hub

Be the expert! A library of in depth knowledge and best practises, covering:

  • Terms and conditions
  • Bonus engine logic
  • Content integration
  • Fraud rules
  • Payment processes
  • Verification processes

Coming soon

Managing Exploitable Slots does so much
more than just improve your bonusing costs

Exploitable Slots is the term used to describe games which have features that allow a player to carry value forward from one spin to the next.

These features can be exploited by storing bonus funds which are then carried forward and released later as part of spin made with cash funds. This process means that the bonus funds are converted to cash outside of the control of the casino’s bonus engine. Some games are so efficient in this process that they can convert up to 90% of bonus funds to cash on average.

“This abuse process affects all operators
that offer bonuses with wagering requirements, which is the majority of the industry.”

Our flagship Exploitable Slots Module is programmed with the unique behavioural profiles of abuse relative to over 800 different exploitable slots. This granular approach is the only way to solve the exploitation of bonuses on these games.

Acting on this abuse in real time prevents players from profiting from this malicious process, and deters organised groups, meaning that more of your bonus funds goes to the recreational players they are intended for.

Create more exciting offers
by removing the bonus abusers

Consistently targeting the bad actors allows operators to remove content restriction and increase their content offerings during bonus play by up to 16%, whilst also making huge savings.

These games are popular among recreational players leading to an exponential rate of production in line with demand. However, these games are also popular with bonus abusers. Bonus abusers use this feature to undermine wagering requirements associated with bonuses through a process of storing bonus funds in the game that are later released as cash.


Gain a competitive edge by providing more content, remove the need for manual gameplay checks and make huge savings by eliminating this form of abuse.

Slot Studios

Have creative freedom to create the games their players love without fear of restrictions.

Recreational Players

Enjoy the full range of content operators and studio’s have to offer.

We test more than 250 slot releases per month
This exploit process achieves up to 90% bonus conversion rate.
1 in 4
slots released have features which are exploitable

We have a decade of experience
in bonus abuse related risk

We have provided expert consultancy to over 35 operators, platforms and
content providers, building a reputation as the leading experts in the industry.

We understand there are many reasons why operators struggle to solve bonus abuse; whether it be a limited amount of knowledge or system limitations. To tackle both of these common downfalls, we upped our ambition and decided to make a product solution that is built from the ground up, so that we can remove all of the barriers that allow bonus abuse to go unchecked.

We are proud to be pioneers in this space, and we have endless ambition to ensure that the Gameplay Risk Engine meets our sky-high standards to ensure that all forms of bonus abuse can be identified, quantified, and acted upon in real time.


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